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[hibernate-dev] JIRA notification schemas

Sanne Grinovero


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Since any JIRA change will trigger an email to
on this list, I'm getting many duplicates.

I like the fine-grained level on the mailing list as it's a safe
backup & log to inspect all events, still the volume is forcing me to
filter those emails in my client; filtering made me miss some events
that I'm particularly interested in, so:

I've created a new notification scheme - forking the original one so
that it doesn't affect other projects - and will apply it to Hibernate
Search for now.

What is changed:
- some more events are specifically sent to the Project Lead (in
addition to "participants"): Assigned, Closed, Deleted, Moved, Work
Started and Stopped.
- some more events are sent to those part of the "committers" group:
Created, Resolved, Pull request sent.

If you're interested in comments or other fine-grained events related
to an issue, either keep using the hibernate-issues mail folder or
make sure to "Watch" the issue when it's created.

I'm only applying this to HSEARCH for now, I guess most of you won't
notice significant differences.

@Hardy I see there is a one-off specific rule to send you an
individual email for any issue creation, I removed that as it
shouldn't be needed anymore?

If some of this doesn't work for you, let me know I'll try fixing it.

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