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Ordering results obtained through query-by-example

Miguel Muñoz


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I'm using the OpenJPA query-by-example API, and it works fine unless I order my results. When I do that, I get way too many results. If I search without specifying an order, I get 4 results from a table of 9 rows. If I specify an order, I get 36 results instead. (I get everything four times.) The number I get is always the number I'm supposed to get multiplied by the number of rows.

Has anybody else seen this behavior? I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's a bug in the JPA code.

Here's my method, if you're interested:

 private final Class<E> persistentClass;

 public List<E> findByExample(
     @NotNull E exampleInstance,
     @Nullable Attribute<E,?>[] excludeProperty,
     SingularAttribute<E,?>… orderFields
 ) throws DAORuntimeException {
   EntityManager entityManager = JpaUtil.getEntityManager();
   OpenJPACriteriaBuilder builder = (OpenJPACriteriaBuilder) entityManager.getCriteriaBuilder();
   CriteriaQuery<E> qDef = builder.createQuery(persistentClass);
   Root<E> from = qDef.from(persistentClass);;
   qDef.where(builder.qbe(from, exampleInstance, excludeProperty)); // query by example
   Query query = entityManager.createQuery(qDef);

   List<Order> orderList = makeOrderList(builder, qDef.from(persistentClass), orderFields);
   if (!orderList.isEmpty()) {

   return (List<E>) query.getResultList();

 private List<Order> makeOrderList(
     CriteriaBuilder builder,
     Root<E> root,
     SingularAttribute<E, ?>[] pOrderFields
 ) {
   List<Order> orderList = new LinkedList<>();
   for (SingularAttribute<E, ?> attribute: pOrderFields) {
   return orderList;

If I call it like this, it works fine:

   List<Incident> dIncidentList = incidentDao.findByExample(dExample, null);

If I call it like this, it returns lots of duplicates:

   List<Incident> dIncidentList = incidentDao.findByExample(dExample, null, Incident_.entryTime);

Is it me? Has anyone else seen this bug?


Miguel Muñoz


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