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getDataStoreAction comes as empty String[] when caching is enabled

Jens Leisenberg


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or if my understanding of the way how it
should work is wrong. Maybe someone can help me out a little bit.

In an application (WebSphere, OpenJPA 2.1.2) I need to get the
generated native SQL String from an JPQL to manipulate it. It is working
great but when I activate the QueryCache (2nd level) the result is coming
as an empty string-array. I investigated a little bit in debugging and have
found this code in the kernel package:

QueryCacheExecuter#QueryCacheStoreQuery.getDataStoreActions(...): The
implementation of this method is quite simple:


Maybe my way of thinking is wrong, but shouldn't there be the
implementation for returning the native query string? When I deactivate the
Cache the implementation of ExpressionStoreQuery is executed which is
working fine.


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