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[jmock-user] How to check object state inside a mock call

Dimitry Polivaev


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I am trying to develop a class performing callbacks using JMock.
I have to check some properties of the calling object of the tested class RuleEngine during the callback.
After the call finishes its state is lost.

So I wrote the following:

public class RuleEngineTest {
Mockery context = new JUnit4Mockery();
Code code = context.mock(Code.class);
public void emptyRuleSetRunsCodeOnce() {
final RuleEngine ruleEngine = new RuleEngine();
context.checking(new Expectations() {{
will(new CheckingAction(){
protected void doChecks() {
// Do some state checks of ruleEngine object

public abstract class CheckingAction extends ReturnDefaultValueAction{

public Object invoke(Invocation invocation) throws Throwable {
return super.invoke(invocation);

abstract protected void doChecks();

// class to be developed. The internal state and the related methods come later.
public class RuleEngine {
public void run(Code code) {;

However writing the checking part as
will(new CheckingAction(){

does not seem to be right because I actually misuse Action interface to perform some checks and have some syntax overhead.

Is there a better way?

Kind regards, Dimitry

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