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[jmock-user] Due date for 2.6.0 (revisited)

Tobias Babin


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I'm aware this has been asked before, but it's been quite a while ago in
January 2012: is there a planned due date for 2.6.0?

Just like Julian in the January post, we do not have the need for any
particular features, but we are concerned about the propects of the JMock
library. Issues are answered, but no visible progress on the code has been
made since 2.6.0-RC2 was published, and there is no due date for 2.6.0

We have written a large number of tests using JMock in the past years and
would love to continue doing so. However the development team have been
pointing out the perceived lack of activity and are starting to ponder
moving to another library despite the fragmented setup this would create for

Is there anything worth knowing that would convince our team otherwise?

Kind regards
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