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[jmock-user] expects returns a default value for void return type

Ashutosh Kumar


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I have a method which returns void . However when I run the test I get error stating


java.lang.AssertionError: unexpected invocation: brmUserBo.saveUser(<com.arisglobal.agBRM.user.entity.BrmUser@16672d6>)


  allowed, never invoked: brmUserBo.saveUser(<com.arisglobal.agBRM.user.entity.BrmUser@16672d6>); returns a default value


Here is my test :


public void testsaveUsers() {

            try {

                  final  Mockery context = new  JUnit4Mockery()  {{



                  final BrmUserBoImpl userBo = context.mock(BrmUserBoImpl.class);

                  final BrmUser user = new BrmUser();

                  BrmUserServiceImpl userService = new BrmUserServiceImpl();


                  context.checking(new Expectations() {







            } catch (Exception e) {




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