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Re: [groovy-eclipse-plugin-dev] GPars in Eclipse

Andrew Eisenberg


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It's hard to say exactly what's happening here. But yes,
Groovy-Eclipse does yet use RC2. It is using a snapshot from just
before beta3. Is this a new problem with RC2 or have you never gotten
gpars to compile in Eclipse?

Just for fun, you could try replacing the beta3 snapshot compiler in
org.codehaus.groovy_2.0.0.xxxx/lib in the plugins directory with the
rc2 jars (make sure to rename them so names match, save the old jars
and restart eclipse). There is a chance this will work.

But, I would be interested in knowing what kinds of problems you are having.

On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 8:31 AM, Russel Winder <russel@(protected):
> I am getting about 250+ errors and 750+ warnings when I try to compile
> GPars in Eclipse.  The Eclipse project is the one generated by Gradle, I
> am using Groovy 2.0 mode. GPars for me depends on Groovy 2.0.0-rc-2. Am
> I just too far ahead of the game or is there a problem to investigate?
> Gant works fine for me, so I am confident my basic Groovy set up is
> fine.  GPars works fine with Gradle and in IntelliJ IDEA so its code is
> fine.
> Thanks.
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> Russel.
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