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[groovy-eclipse-plugin-dev] Question about where to report a particular bug



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I am using a recent (as in installed yesterday from the official update
site) Groovy Eclipse IDE in Eclipse Indigo (3.7) with Groovy 2.0.4.
There is a compilation bug, that manifests in code as follows:

-----> File SourceClass.groovy:

import groovy.transform.TypeChecked;

class SourceClass {
 public String SOME_PROP = "someProp";
 public final String SOME_FINAL_PROP = "someFinalProp";
 public static SourceClass getInstance() {
   return new SourceClass();

----> File BugClass.groovy:

import groovy.transform.TypeChecked;

public class BugClass {
 public void showBug() {
   String someVar;

   //fails to compile    
   someVar = SourceClass.getInstance().SOME_PROP;
   someVar = SourceClass.getInstance().SOME_FINAL_PROP;
   //compiles fine
   SourceClass srcCls = new SourceClass();
   someVar = srcCls.SOME_PROP;
   someVar = srcCls.SOME_FINAL_PROP;

The lines
someVar = SourceClass.getInstance().SOME_PROP;
someVar = SourceClass.getInstance().SOME_FINAL_PROP;

fail to compile with messages
Groovy:[Static type checking] - No such property: SOME_PROP for class:
Groovy:[Static type checking] - No such property: SOME_FINAL_PROP for
class: SourceClass

The bug goes away if @TypeChecked is removed from any of the classes.

The bug does not manifest itself on full rebuild of the sources (Clean &
Build), however it manifests if I make some changes to any of the files,
save and thus trigger a build. Thus, the issue may be related to the IDE
and not to the Groovy compiler.

Where should I report this bug?


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