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[groovy-eclipse-plugin-dev] Groovy Script Folders not copying logback.groovy file to bin

Peter Crosbie


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I am attempting to configure logback with a logback.groovy file.

I have added logback.groovy explicitly to the list of script folders and checked the check box in the Groovy Scripts Folder section of the Groovy compiler. logback.groovy appears to be recognized as a script because after adding it to the list it gets a small S added to its icon in the Package Explorer. However, it never seems to be copied over to the output bin/ folder and thus logback is not being configured. I have tried this at both the project and global level in eclipse with the same result, the file gets recognized as a script (if the S icon is evidence of that) but it is not copied across after a clean and rebuild. I have tried varies levels of fidgeting, foe example, turning the feature on and off, restarting eclipse and so on. 

The script file is valid because if I move it manually then if configures logback as expected.

The project is a simple test groovy project with the layout:

I am using eclipse 3.8.1 with Groovy-Eclipse 2.7.2.xx-RELEASE-20121219-0800-e42.

Many thanks, Peter

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