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[NHibernate-development] Next release ?

Fabio Maulo


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Hi friends.
So far this is a a list of fixed issues after NH2.0.0GA release
** Bug * [NH-1464] - C++ and Dispose method * [NH-1466] - current_session_context_class = thread_static doesn't work * [NH-1473] - IsEqual and Compare broken in EntityType ** Patch * [NH-1034] - HQL functions - parameters support * [NH-1434] - Some unit test supplies non-character value to LIKE: not portable across every RDBMS * [NH-1435] - Explicitly order query in NH-1179 to ensure reliable results * [NH-1436] - Mapping of NH-1250 not portable across every RDBMS * [NH-1437] - Mapping of NH-1408 not portable across every RDBMS * [NH-1438] - Some queries from FooBarTest fixture are not portable across every RDBMS * [NH-1439] - Handle Dialect.GetIdentityColumnString(DbType type) * [NH-1459] - Sybase dialect * [NH-1462] - StringHelper.GetFullClassname fails to parse generic types

Is it early to release a ServicePack ? (only 7700 downloads of NH2.0.0.GA)
Would the next version be a ServicePack or a minor release ? (NH-1034 is not a minor change)
Do somebody check if we can fix something else before release a new version ? (especially bugs/possible-bug)

Fabio Maulo
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