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[NHibernate-development] Equals (->IsEqual)

Roger Kratz


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Hi there


I’ve just worked  with a performance issue in our app where it turned out to be lots of time spent in ComponentType’s equals method where every field is compared using reflection. In my specific use case, it’s dramatically slower per call than a similar EntityType’s equals method (where nhib’s impl internally relies on the developer’s impl of equals). I might miss something obvious here, but why don’t nhib team trust the developer to properly impl equals on value types just as they do on entities?


I’ve seen in the trunk that there’s been changes since the v 1.2, but as far as I can see (if Equals will be replaced by IsEqual?) the “problem” above still exists.


What am I missing/misunderstood? If I haven’t, I’ll be glad to contribute on this.



Roger, Sweden

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